Beautiful Soul

Our dear friend, Lauren, has 3 younger siblings. The 2nd oldest Meghan, has been mentioned a couple times on our blog because she is a cancer survivor.

I mentioned her here and here but her battle with cancer took place before I started this blog. I had only met Meghan twice before I found out that she had bone cancer. I took the news quite hard. My friendship with Lauren was growing so I felt extra connected to Meghan and after losing my Uncle, cancer was a sensitive topic for me. 

Meghan is an inspiration – not because she survived cancer but HOW she survived. Her complete trust in God at such a young age inspired me to grow closer to Him. About a week ago Meghan received the surprise of her life when Rob Bliss secretly worked with Meghan’s school and others to create a two-story tall volleyball court on Lake Michigan to celebrate her! 

Grab some tissues and check out this beautiful video of a beautiful young woman. If you are interested check out the scholarship page at the bottom to support Meghan’s dream of becoming a children’s nurse.

The college fund has been started here:

Thanks for reading! I’m so excited to see what God has in store for Meghan! 


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