Date Night

I don’t cook. I mean I do… just not often. I don’t get home until 6:00pm most nights and Ben gets home a few hours earlier. For this reason Ben has taken on the role of family cook! Ben is a great cook! He can look at what is in the kitchen and make some random meal without referring to a recipe. Every time he whips up something it. is. delicious. I on the other hand am not as adventurous. I stick to the same recipes/meals so it really is ideal that Ben cooks. Occasionally Ben gets into a project so I make dinner instead of tearing him away from the project. 

Ben started cooking one night (about a month ago) but got distracted with cleaning his car. I took over and finished the meal and had everything laid out for him. He was surprised to see I took over and was even more surprised when he saw I grabbed a few beers out of the fridge. 

On the menu:
Lake Superior White Fish with Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Red Skinned Potatoes drizzled in EVOO and random spices (pepper, garlic, cumin, etc.)
Beans from our 2011 garden. 
Berry Weiss Beer

I can’t forget to mention the beautiful flower we picked up at the Farmer’s Market. 
After dinner we got back to our crazy lives but it was nice to just sit and relax for 20 minutes. We’ve been so busy that if we do get to eat a meal together it is usually a super fast one. 


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