OH: Week 26

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Six
CD and DVD Storage and Organization

Steps for Completing This Week’s Challenge:
1. Gather All Your CDs and DVDs Together From Around Your Home, Car, Etc.
2. Declutter Your Music and Video Collections
3. Organize CDs
4. Organize DVDs
5. Organize Your CDs and DVDs for Your Computer
6. Consider A CD and DVD Storage Solution

Again, we frequently go through our movies and donate the ones we no longer care to keep. Our DVDs are in ABC order and our CDs are put into two CD cases. I got rid of the CD cases years ago and just kept the CDs and CD booklet. I haven’t regretted this decision! The space it has saved it so valuable! 
Eventually I want a console table that houses all of our DVDS because right now only half of ours fit on our DVD bookshelf. 

The rest of our DVDs can be found in our entertainment center. 

Gaming supplies, Workout Videos and seasons of our favorite shows. 

All our CDs can be found here! Most are on our computer and backed up on our external hard drive (just in case)

We have a lot of CDs! I really have a hard time letting go of them!

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