Random Happenings

I had some images and stories I wanted to share but I didn’t have enough to dedicate a whole post so here we go! I combined a few photos! Enjoy!

Beautiful “Baby”
I snapped this photo of a beautiful little lady. Erin is growing more beautiful each month and I was thankful to catch this moment. 

Thank You
I complained about the intense heat we got this summer but I was aware that many people had it worse than I did. I left a little note for our Mail Carrier to thank him for all he does! 

Ben said he talked to the Mail Carrier the next day and he said the note was so nice and made his day. I really want to start doing more of these random acts of kindness to others! 

Bye Truck
We said goodbye to Ben’s truck. It was time for an upgrade! 

Craft Time
It had been a long time since I got crafty but I had a good excuse. Addison’s 3rd birthday! I made her a tutu! I used this piece of cardboard to cut the tulle in equal pieces. 

A work in progress!

The finished project!! I loved how it turned out but would have done more tulle and longer tulle if I did this again for this age group. 

The back. 

Added a cute little boa!

Farmer’s Market
A good haul from the Farmer’s Market: pickling cucumbers, bagels, peppers, tomatoes, flowers and sausage. 

A fridge full of delicious fruits and veggies!


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