OH: Week 25

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Five
Organize Books

Steps for This Week’s Challenge:
1. Declutter and Donate Unwanted Books
2. Organize Books in a Logical Manner
3. Consider Book Organizers and Storage Solutions
4. Create a System to Keep Track of Library Books

Steps I completed:
1. Ben and I frequently wander through the house grabbing items we no longer need/use and toss them in a tote to take to Goodwill. A few months back I went through the bookshelf and a number of books left our home and a few others were packed up (my educational books I am not ready to part with). 
2. With our funky shelf I am limited to how I can organize the books. Ideally I want something more functional but for now the short books go on top, tall books on the middle shelf and old school books, religious books, school supplies, work binders, etc. on the bottom. It is in our plan to find a new storage solution for books. This bookshelf is HUGE and HEAVY and doesn’t fit well in our decor. 
3. We are considering a new book shelf – someday..
4. Our library books go in a basket right outside our front door or they are next to our bed. 

Again, not a lot of action this week. I apologize. I am constantly organizing and cleaning some area of my house and can’t always wait for it to come up in the challenges. Ben is doing the same now so we are really ahead of the game! 🙂 


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