Summer Break

I mistakenly took a little Summer Vacation from my dear friend, blog. I didn’t schedule this break but the weeks have been going by so quickly that I just noticed it has been almost a month since I have posted anything. 

Honestly, there isn’t much of an update to give. I will catch up on posts soon!

A few things to note:

  • The summer program I planned has been going wonderful! We are 2/3 of the way done and even though I’ve been having a ton of fun I am looking forward to a break. 
  • My work in general has been going well. I am feeling quite confident that this year will be super successful and am ready to get started! 
  • Ben took a full time position at Pine Rest. He is guaranteed more hours and will get benefits! He also got an outstanding review and is loved by the staff and kids.
I still have to catch up on our vacation, random happenings, family visits, new tattoos (not us!), 52 Weeks to More Organized Home and so much more! Hang in there! 🙂

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