The Great Campout

Summer has been crazy busy and so much fun! One week in particular was extra fun!
June 12th/13th – James’ was born
June 14th- we celebrated our anniversary 
June 16th- The Great Camp-Out

Justin and Tia along with Danny and Chelsea (we all went to High School together) went camping for a night. Ben was working so I took a day trip to camp with them in Climax, MI!

I arrived first and took a picture of the huge campsite. 

Justin pulled up in style… look how close he was to hitting the picnic table!

YIKES!! Skill or luck?

Our morning beverages. Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Justin’s? Coffee or beer? 

We all have the same style blue chairs. Ben and I got ours 2 years ago! 

Danny and Chelsea brought their fur-child, Moose! 
He really was a good boy! 

Lunch: sandwiches, chips and watermelon. 

We went on a walk to check out the trails. They were narrow, filled with thorny plants (and poison ivy!), and all of them dead-ended. Not too exciting. 

The beach was filled with people and no dogs or alcohol was allowed so we went and hung out on the boat docks instead. Moose loved playing in the water and we loved watching him. 

Daddy Danny playing with Moose. 

This is how we traveled around the campsite. 

The twins preparing for our fishing trip!

Chelsea was clearly super excited! 

Yeah fishing! We had so much weight in the boat we were taking on water and the motor barely moved us!

It probably didn’t help that Moose and his cage joined us, but we couldn’t leave him out of the fun!

Chelsea’s first fish. She caught two! 

Fishy Love!

My one and only little fish! (I’ve only been holding fish for a year! I am so cool!)


Tia and I were bummed with our inability to catch fish. Only 4 were caught by the 6 of us!

Danny’s big catch!

Moose wasn’t as interested as I thought he would be. 

After fishing the boys cooked us dinner, Tia made us popcorn, we made some smores’, had a few drinks and ended the evening around the fire. I headed home as the sun was setting and made it home to see Ben when he got home from work!

Thus ends photos from The Great Campout 2012!


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