OH: Weeks 22 and 23

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Two
Laundry Room Organization

Steps for this week’s challenge:
1. Consider The Functions Of Your Laundry Room. What do you do there – fold laundry, store laundry supplies, iron, pre-laundry activities (like soaking stained clothing) or drying clothes on a rack/line. 
2. Declutter Your Laundry Room
3. Organize Laundry Room Areas To Perform Functions Efficiently
4. Make Your Laundry Room Pretty and Inviting

For me.. 
1. Our laundry room is in the basement.. and I fear the basement.. many many many spiders live there and I fear them. In saying that.. I spend as little time there as possible. The only function for my laundry room is to wash and dry clothes. 
2. Our laundry area is already decluttered. The only thing around is our laundry detergent bucket and a trash can. 
3. I have laundry areas upstairs which I will show below.
4. Ideally we will have a pretty and inviting laundry area.. but again the spiders have taken over.. so I’m not decorating anything down there! 

Now for some pictures of our laundry areas!


I cleaned off the tops of the machine. Emptied the trash and put in a garbage bag, got rid of the old Tide laundry detergent from a previous tenant and swept up a pile of gunk on the floor. See that big white bucket on the left side of the picture? 
Let’s look inside…

I make our own Laundry Detergent! Get the recipe here

The rest of our laundry supplies are upstairs in our pantry. 
Iron, laundry detergent (I transfer it from that big bucket to an old bottle), dryer sheets, all the ingredients to make the laundry detergent and a basket with a lint roller, stain stick, fuzz buzzer, cloths pins and a Felz-Naptha bar. 

I have two drying racks in the closet in the dining room. The dining room/bedroom becomes my drying area. 

I use a bucket for my foot soaks but also for soaking clothes to get out stains, the bucket hides under the bathroom sink in the bank. 
See it! The tan thing in the WAY back! When I need to soak clothes I do it in the bathroom next to the sink. 

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Three
Laundry Organization

Steps for this week’s challenge:
1. Consider Where To Place Laundry Baskets 
2. Put A System In Place To Collect and Sort Dirty Clothes
3. Put A System In Place To Put Clean Clothes Back Where They Belong When Laundry Is Done
4. Create A Laundry Schedule And Stick To It

For our family of two in a small apartment our laundry situation is an easy one. 

In the white basket: towels, whites, sheets
In the white hamper: everything else 

I do laundry on the weekends or the occasional Friday or Monday. Pretty easy! Usually two loads a week. I fold the laundry in the living room while watching something on TV and then jam out to music as I put the laundry away. 

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