Small Group Adventures

Ben and I started attending his family’s church when we moved here 13 months ago. Sometime later we were approached by Ben’s mom about the possibility of joining a small group bible study. We spoke with a Pastor who suggested we join a group of young people who were led by an energetic couple. We were intrigued and said yes. We met up with two young couples, a single woman and our fearless leaders. We have studied a few different topics, explored a book, and lost one of our couples to a new job but are now taking some time to relax and get to know one another. So far we’ve gone on two adventures together: BrewFest 2012 and an outdoor concert! 

BrewFest 2012
Kurt and John working on the brew – similar to Two Hearted. 

The final stage for the day. Transferring the beer into this glass container where it will ferment and age. 

Kurt’s daughter studied up as her dad made his beer. 

Outdoor Concert
Instead of meeting for our regular small group meeting we attended an outdoor concert and had a picnic! Nothing says summer like big blankets, watermelon, beer/wine and babies!

Such a cutie pie! She was hilarious eating the watermelon and even feed it to me!

Enjoying the beautiful weather and beautiful company!

Kurt and his daughter.

Bonding with Linda.

She was such a good girl!

We’ve really been enjoying our time with our small group and have enjoyed these extra little adventures together!


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