OH: Week 21

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-One
Organize Dining Room 

Our Dining Room is quite bare. In the past it has become a dumping ground for my work but I’ve really been trying to keep the table cleared off. Since Ben made our new dining room table I have been MUCH better with keeping our dining room clean. So this challenge was very easy because there really isn’t much in our dining room so there isn’t anything to organize. But here is a glimpse into our dining room and I’ll still record the steps suggested for this weeks’ challenge here

1. Consider How You Want To Use Your Dining Room Space
2. Declutter Your Dining Room 
3. Make A Home For The Stuff You’re Keeping With Storage Solutions

Our Dining Room is a work in progress. Here is a glimpse at the first pictures I posted of our Dining Room. 

Our dining table was so small and looks so silly in this large room.

We did have artwork on the wall and at this point Ben had made our pallet mirror. 

Again this picture shows how funny the proportions are.

Big table for a big room!

The room works so much better now with a bigger table. We also have switched around the artwork. Our art never stays in one place for too long 

Two new chairs. We are making plans for seating on the other two sides of the table. We are thinking a bench and two low-backed chairs. 

Table Runner from World Market

Hosta leaves from our yard. In a Mason Jar of course! I love the look of Mason Jars as a vase! 

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