Summer Starter Recap

My summer started a few weeks ago and we’ve been quite busy enjoying all that summer has to offer. Staying up late, sleeping in, quiet evenings on our porch, spending extra time with our friends and family, trips to the ice cream shoppe, baseball games, visiting parks and the zoo, outdoor concerts and relaxing! I did get behind in posting about our summer fun so here are a few of the events that occurred as our summer started! 
Baby Shower
My co-worker Ariane is expecting baby Keghan to arrive in the middle of July. 
We celebrated with a baby shower at her home. Baby K received an art piece, two onesies and two lollipop suckers (made from bath towels and a spoon). 

Her older sons always talk say, “I’m Awesome!” Baby K needed to join his brothers in declaring his awesomeness! 

Errands with Addie
Addison came with me to run errands one day. She was a good helper and enjoyed hanging out the library. The puzzles were her favorite part. 

Checking out the art outside the library. 

Our adventures brought us to our home and we played with chalk outside waiting for Uncle Ben to get home. 

DIY Adventures
Ben continued is Dining Room DIY spree by making a dining room table. 

Meeting Kelle Hampton
Author of the book, Bloom. 
The book reading and signing happened at Wiegand’s Nursery in Macomb, MI. 

Kelle’s dad introducing her. 

Reading an excerpt from her book.

From the chapter discussing a fundraising walk they attended as a group named, Nella’s Rockstar. 

We had to wait in line for a long time to see Kelle but she made sure to talk with everyone for a few minutes, hand out hugs and take pictures. Well worth the wait! She was so nice! 

We actually go to meet Kelle’s husband, Brett, and girls Lainey and Nella (who the book Bloom is about). 


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