OH: Week Twenty

Organize Your Home: Week 20
Organizing Living Room

The living room challenge came at a good time. We bought new furniture for our living room so it was a good time to put together the new furniture, clean every nook and cranny and rearrange our room. Honestly, I didn’t do much organizing. The living room was the first room that I organized upon moving in last July and our system has worked out great. If you are following along (or just curious) here are the steps of this week’s challenge.

Read more about the challenge here.
1. Think of What You Use the Living Room For. We gather with friends and family, play video games, entertain little ones, watch movies, read books and magazines and relax.
2. Declutter The Room, Rearrange Furniture as Needed and Move Things Out That Don’t Belong.
3. Set Up Stations or Center That Reflect the Room’s Functions
4. Make Sure You’ve Got Adequate Family Room Storage Solutions
5. Create A Daily Pickup Routine For The Room


Mismatched colors/fabrics

Boring window sill. It was a main focal point int the room yet nothing exciting was happening here. 

Too much blank space.

New chair and footstool are next to the window. Perfect for reading!

New layout! We love how the paintings Ben got for his birthday bring out the red in our new chair. 

The photos above the couch might go and a big piece of artwork above the couch.
We love our new couch!!!!

We choose a layout that didn’t put the TV in the center of the room. We wanted the focus to be on the room itself. 

Before this space was very bare with our TV stand. Our TV stand was too short and looked funny in this tall space. With a taller bookshelf and a piece of art this area fits well in this space. 

Our blanket/my craft basket looks so out of place. I hid it in the corner until I can spray paint it. Maybe red? 

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