OH: Week Nineteen

Organize Your Home: Week 19
Mudroom & Entryway Organization

This week the challenge was to work on the entrance into the home. If you have multiple ways to enter the home – work on all of those! We have a main entrance and an emergency exit door. We don’t use the side emergency door so we focused on the main entrance. Ben and I attacked this challenge together since many of the items in the foyer were his. 

The entry was was filled with bikes, gardening materials, BBQ gear, construction equipment and dirt!

We got busy and ended up making a mess down here. It was awful!

Gardening supplies from our work over Memorial Weekend. 

The walls were filled with scuff marks. I have scrubbed most of the walls with a magic eraser but still have some more areas to work on. 

A pile of Ben’s shoes usually collects outside the door. 

YIKES! This is the leftovers from Ben’s woodworking projects and “cleaning” out his truck. 

Now the only items downstairs is our bikes, housemate’s chairs, and a tote for BBQ items and car items. 
Ben used the tote to house the random things that didn’t have a home before. 

Much cleaner looking!

I scrubbed these walls! Now all we need is our landlord to repaint our foyer and it looks brand new!

Trying to limit Ben’s shoes to 1 or 2. 

The nice coat hanging area Ben made using a piece of an old pallet. The painted drift wood was a Christmas gift from a friend. 

Steps for this challenge:
1. Clear out EVERYTHING!
2. Clean the floors and get all reachable cob webs. 
3. Put everything back where it belongs. Gardening supplies in milk crates in the basement. Car cleaning supplies in a tote upstairs. All other random items in a tote by the door. 
4. Do a quick clean up in the front yard – sweep deck and pick weeds growing next to the front steps. 

Items to still consider:
1. A place for items that need to go somewhere else: library books, etc. Maybe get a small basket to place by the door. 
2. What to do with wet shoes in the winter. Maybe buy a small rug to go next to the welcome mat. 

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