OH: Week Seventeen

I am very far behind on posting on Organize Your Home but I’m working on catching up!

Organize Your Home: Week 17
Bathroom Organization

1. Declutter your Bathroom: get rid of trash, multiple bottles of the same product, expired products, items you haven’t used in a year.
2. Separate Your Bathroom Into Zones:  each zone should have what you need within reach.
3. Organize Your Bathrooms By Zones: keep like items together
4. Consider Bathroom Storage Options


I didn’t make any changes here but wanted to show you how my towels are organized. The little basket at the bottom is filled with hand towels and wash clothes. 

My steps:
1. Go through all items in the bathroom. Throw away expired items and products we no longer use. 
2. Take out everything and clean shelf/drawer.
3. Put everything back – making sure everything is organized and appealing. 

I scrubbed the bathroom tub and reorganized our shower products. 
I use Burt’s Bees and Lemongrass. Ben uses Dr. Bonners.

I got rid of all our medicine except for Ibprofun, Pepto, Allergy capsules and Nightquil. We avoid taking these but keep them in case of desperate times. 

These drawers pretty much stayed the same but now they are clean!
Same with under the sink… 

Got rid of a few things here. 

Not a big difference but everything did get cleaned so I was happy!


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