Will you…

…Be My Bridesmaid?

I received this beautiful card in the mail last week.

Inside was a beautiful poem.

Will you be my bridesmaid?
Will you also be my wedding planner, cake tester, interior decorator, envelope sealer, and guest list creator for the next year? Will you listen to me obsessively talk about wedding things until it’s all over? Will you help me pick out the perfect dress, even if it means wasting several hours of your Saturday? Will you stay with me the night before the wedding and reassure me that everything will be perfect? Will you get in all those uncomfortable positions to make sure my dress fits exactly the way it should? Will you stay by my side and hold my dress when I have to pee? Will you check my hair 300 times to make sure every single piece is curled? Will you stand at the front of the church, smiling back at me, as I walk down the aisle to my best friend? Will you spend the entire day of 08.17.2013 getting ready with me; then spending the entire evening toasting, eating, drinking, and on the dance floor with me probably dancing to nontraditional music? Lastly, will you be my friend through all of this and after? 

With tears in my eyes I called my future-sister-in-law, Tia, and said “I DO!!” I am excited to stand next to Tia as she marries my brother! 


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