Scrapbooking Keepsakes

Embarrassing secret time… 
See the plastic drawer organizer on the far right. It is huge and heavy and filled with keepsakes (mostly paper keepsakes). 

As part of my attempt clean and organize the office I want to work on clearing out this closet. 
I decided to use the scrapbooks located in another closet to scrapbook all the keepsakes. I had hoped to print all the pictures I have and scrapbook them super nice along with the paper keepsakes (ticket stubs, cards, letters, etc.) But we all know that life isn’t that simple so I decided to just move forward and scrapbook the keepsakes and then hopefully later do something with the pictures. 

 I started off with my college years. Every semester I had a separate folder for my keepsakes. I started off by separating and organizing all the keepsakes from the beginning of the school year through the summer. For example; Freshman year includes August 2006-August 2007

Then I got to work! I did things simply and didn’t spend a lot of time on each page. 
My goal was to get as much done as possible.
These pages are from my Freshman Year. 

This was my work station! How I Met Your Mother Marathon, cucumbers, ranch, chocolate,  and tea could usually be found on my work table! I am currently in the middle of my Junior year and hoping to get the college years done before summer starts. Then I have keepsakes from birth through high school to scrapbook. But there is less materials from those years then my college years. 


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