Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

I appreciate the teachers who spend 8 hours with our kids and I appreciate the teachers on my staff who spend the next three hours with our kids. I wanted to let these teacher’s know I do appreciate their hard work and patience.

The Milky Way, M&Ms and 100 Grand were put into two bowls for the two schools I oversee. I put a sign next to it explaining why I picked those 3 chocolate bars and the staff signed the Thank You Sign. 

1. M&Ms because you are “marvelous and magnificent.”
2. Milky Ways because you are “out of this world.”
3. 100 Grand because no amount of “money” could replace all you do!

All the goodies!

For my staffs I put goodies into a bag and labeled them. Each day they get to open one and receive their treat. 

Monday: Thanks for sticking to the PRIDE pledge!

Tuesday: You are o-FISH-ally awesome!

Wednesday: Thanks for helping Champions to shine!

Thursday: You deserve an extra PAYDAY!
Friday: You are one in a million. Each staff member got a lottery ticket. (not pictured)

All ready to surprise my staff!


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