OH: Week Sixteen

Organize Your Home: Week 16
Create a House Cleaning Schedule & Organize Cleaning Supplies

When I told Ben about the challenge for this week he said, “You don’t need to do this one.” I agreed. Making a cleaning schedule sounds wonderful and totally up my alley (being a lover of To-Do lists and all..) but with our our crazy schedules it would be too difficult to keep-up. We do a decent job right now and if the time comes when I want to start a cleaning schedule I have this post to look back to! 🙂

Step 1: Consider What Chores and Cleaning Tasks Need To Be Performed Daily and Weekly In Your Home.
Step 2: Create Two House Cleaning Schedules: A Daily and a Weekly Schedule
Step 3: Get In The Habit Of Working Your House Cleaning Schedule Daily and Weekly
Step 4: Organize Cleaning Supplies In Your Home

To get a free ebook that provides checklists for your daily, weekly, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cleaning schedules (and more!) please click here. Then click “free ebook” tab to claim your copy of this book. 

I did complete Step 4 of this challenge and here are the steps I completed.
1. Clear out cabinet under the sink.
2. Clean the cabinet and wipe down the pipes. 
3. Go through everything, donate unused items, and wipe down what is left. 
4. Hang cheap curtain rod under sink.
5. Put everything back – organized! 



I also have cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink but that is already organized. Under that sink is a 7th generation toilet bowl cleaner, sponge and spray bottle with a bleach/water combination (for the pesky mold that I can’t get rid of in the shower). 


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