Smoothies, Parks and Friendship

Ben picked up a new toy for us this week, the Magic Bullet!! 

We have made smoothies a couple of times and iced coffee – YUM! We are excited to throw in some extra nutrition into our diet by hiding veggies and other goodies into our smoothies. 

Right now most of our smoothie is composted of fruits but as our garden grows we will start throwing in some greens as well. 

The first smoothie Ben made!
One banana, a handful of blueberries (we picked!), a few strawberries (we picked!), milk (raw!), and a few ice cubes!

I was pretty nervous. I don’t like bananas and was afraid I would not like it. 

Ben was nervous too! haha

Come to find out I didn’t like it… 
So we put the mix back in the bullet this time we added more milk, a little sugar, more blueberries and strawberries. Then the banana wasn’t as overpowering and I enjoyed my smoothie! 

The morning after we got the bullet I made an iced coffee drink.
Just poured in coffee, a little sugar, creamer and some ice cubes! 

Parks and Friendship
Ben and I had a little visitor yesterday!
I added a new toy to their basket and Addison loved my little birdie friend! 

We love having a park across the street. Addison loved it too!
We were so impressed with her independence and courage on some of the “big kid” slides!

She loved it!

So did Ben!! Ben went down on his butt, belly and backwards! 

Hanging out with my dear little friend was a great way to end a stressful week! 


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