Making: Camo Cupcakes

I wanted to make something fun for my brother’s birthday. What says Justin more than CAMO CUPCAKES!! I got the idea from here on Pinterest. 

They were super easy to make and I foresee myself going through the same process in the future with fun color combinations! (Please forgive me for the bad photos towards the end, my brother came early and I was RUSHING to get the cupcakes baked and put away before he noticed!)

Make the cupcake batter and divide it into thirds.
(Note: I only used half of the cake batter, the other half was used to make a separate cake)

Make three camo colors; I made dark green, bright green and brown. 
Add blue and yellow to make green. I added extra green dye to one cup to make a vibrant green. For the brown I mixed a ton of food colorings together. 

Starting with one color add in about a tablespoon into the cupcake liner. Then add the second color. Then the third. The batter separates as you add each color leaving the cupcakes looking like this. 

 Then take a butter knife and swirl around the colors. 


I wanted the guests to see the camo so I didn’t frost the cupcakes. I dyed vanilla frosting bright green and let the guest frost their own. 

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