Last night Ben suggested we went for a walk and checked out an antique store that caught our attention on a previous walk.

The antique store was HUGE and did not disappoint us. If you live in GR check out Blue Door. Everything was beautiful and Ben and I could have easily spend a couple thousand dollars there! It was quite pricey but we had fun picking out items that we would love to take home! We were so entranced by the store we didn’t notice the weather had changed outside. We stepped out still discussing how amazing the place was and it took us a moment to realize it was raining, and hard! 

We half ran/half giggled and stumbled through the rain back home. The walk ended in a race a block from home soaking us more than we would have liked. (I won by the way.. but I think Ben may have let me..)

Of course I had to snap a picture for the blog!

This brought back similar memories of  time when our buddy Lance, and the two of us walked to our favorite ice cream shop and walked home in the rain. Made us miss our dear friend dearly and the fun we had jumping in puddles and enjoying our time in the rain! 


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