3 Birthdays, 3 Days, 1 Party

My family and Tia’s (my brother’s fiancee) family came to visit for Easter. While both families were together I thought it would be fun to celebrate my brother’s birthday. After talking to my mom about this plan she suggested we also celebrated my dad’s birthday (two days after my brother’s). When talking to Tia about this she mentioned her dad, Ricky, has a birthday in between my dad and my brother. 

Justin: April 14
Ricky: April 15
Randy: April 16

I wanted to celebrate all three birthdays with one party! I used a primary color scheme and added a personalized cake for each person. I made the decorations, cake, etc. in the 24 hours leading up to the party and for most of if both my dad and brother were around. I had to be super sneaky (and it helped the boys spent hours outside). 

Entering into the dining room. 

Happy Birthday Banner

Balloon Garland and Pinwheels

Our dining room was transformed quickly before the party began.
My mom and I had just over an hour to decorate, frost the cakes, etc.

Gift/Drink/Treat Table

A closer look.

I made this sign and hung it on the wall next to the gift table. 

I saw a similar idea online and came up with the Rocks one on my own. 

This was the cake table (I forgot to take a picture of the cakes!)
Over each cake was a sign for each birthday boy. On the sign was fun facts about the year they were born.

Here is Justin’s.

We all ran inside except for the birthday boys who sat outside talking about Justin’s new truck. When they came up we all sang to them but I think it took them each some time before they realized the party was for them. 

Ricky checking out his facts and “cake.” 

The boys blowing out their candles. 
Justin had camo cupcakes (tutorial to come) and guests frosted their own cupcakes.
My dad, Randy, had a gravestone cake (he turned 50).
Tia’s dad, Ricky, had a piece of Mackinac Fudge. 

The boys opening their gifts!

Ricky, Randy, Kelly (my mom), Tim (Tia’s brother, Tyler’s friend”

Tyler (Tia’s brother), Maria (Tia’s mom) and Tia


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