To Do (or not to do…)

I am a To-Do list queen! I love making them, crossing off everything I do and seeing the progress I made. Sometimes I feel like I work hard and there is little to show for it but when I look at my list I can visually see the successes I have had. 

I usually have a few To-Do lists going at all times. My work To-Do list is broken down into my two separate jobs then broken down further by site and yet further by more specific categories. 

My home To-Do list is broken down by room then by a specific task. I also keep an Other category where I place the random tasks (sew button on a jacket, update budget, etc.)

Sometimes I make a Weekend To-Do list, other times I will make a daily one or maybe a weekly one. Other weeks go by without a home To-Do list. Just depends on the mood I am in or the time I have. This past weekend I made a huge To-Do list. Bigger than what I thought I would actually accomplish but I did pretty good. 

Take a peek.

What I accomplished as of Monday late morning. 
(Better than I expected!)

Ben is working nights this weekend so I will finish up this list then. 
My week is too crazy to work on it. It is hard enough keeping up on daily housework! 
So there you have it – a Behind the Scenes look at one way I keep organized!


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