Ben and I got a little crazy and long story short we both are now the proud owners of a tattoo!

Longer version of the story…
After High School I lost touch with one of my good guy friends. After moving back to GR we have rekindled our friendship. Our pal, Jordan, among many talents, does tattoos. Over the course of our get-togethers we started discussing the possibility of Ben getting a tattoo done by Jordan. Now I have a policy when it comes to tattoos. Ben had to want the same tattoo in the same place for a GOOD LONG TIME before I even began to consider the option. Over the course of the last few years Ben has changed his mind numerous times but one idea stuck.

Ben and I searched the internet for ideas and sent a few to Jordan. Jordan combined what we liked from various images and came up with the finished product. A few weeks later Ben was inked!! I FELL IN LOVE with Ben’s tattoo and the whole process so a few weeks after Ben got his, I GOT ONE! Ben and I got the same one and we both are so happy we went through with it. 


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