Child Centered

Ben and I both adore kids. We love every second we get to spend with Addison and Erin, try to do special things with our cousins, and make it a point to keep in touch with cousins far away with holiday cards and phone calls. I can’t say I am surprised to find both Ben and I in a career field working with children. Yes, I am proud to finally share that Ben got a new job! 

Ben got a new job that is very child centered. A week and a half before Easter Ben was talking to a friend of ours from church about looking for a new job. Come to find out our buddy worked at Pine Rest, one of the places Ben was looking at applying to. Within a week our friend contacted his previous employers and recommended Ben, Ben applied for the job, got a phone interview, a real interview and started working! He is a Care Provider in the Child and Adolescent Unit. A few weeks in and Ben has been through training, has been shadowing different staff members and went through clinical training. So far Ben is really enjoying the new job and feels that this position is a great fit for him. 

For now Ben is still working at the bakery but is hoping to make the Pine Rest position his full time job in the next few months. Until then Ben is working most days out of the week (including every other weekend) and is a bit more exhausted then usual – but he is happy so I am too!


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