OH: Week Fourteen

Organize Your Home: Week 14
How to Organize Passwords, Warranties and Manuals

Another challenge that I really didn’t do. But I’ll cover this week’s challenge like I have done in the past. 

Steps to complete this week’s challenge:
1. Organize Passwords Into A Password Journal or Organizer
2. Organizing Warranties and Manuals For Easy Access

1. Not a lot of information to share here. I have a system to organize my passwords but not feeling like the whole world needs to know my system. 🙂 On the challenge’s official page she suggests using an internet site that is password protected where you place all your login information for the various sites that are used. I just write mine in where I feel is a very logical location. 
2. As part of Week 12’s challenge I went through my manuals and recycled anything that we no longer had. All other manuals are placed into a file that is found in my paperwork crate next to my desk. 


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