OH: Week Thirteen

Organize Your Home: Week 13
Organizing Magazines, Newspapers, & Catalogs 

Steps for this week’s Challenge:
1. Declutter Your Old Magazines, Newspapers, and Catalogs
2. Make Time to Read and Enjoy Your Magazines Or Stop Getting Them
3. Create Files for Any Inspirational Pictures or Ideas You Want to Save
4. Corral Your Periodicals Into Logical Locations In Your Home
5. Consider These Catalog and Magazine Storage Solutions

Some good tips mentioned from this week’s challenge
* Only keep the most recent issue.
* Consider going digital and getting your subscriptions through the IPad, Kindle, etc. 
* Stop subscriptions to anything you are not consistently reading. 

I have two subscriptions; Reader’s Digest and Family Fun (not sure how I am getting this one..I didn’t pay for it!). But I get People (from Lauren) and a couple from my Mother-in-Law and Ben’s Grandma. Here is where they stay until I get to read them. 

(Reader’s Digest sits on my night stand)

Looking at the steps from this week’s challenge.
1. Declutter old magazines – I recycle every magazine after I have read through it. No old magazines for me!
2. Make time to enjoy the magazines – Almost every Sunday afternoon is spent going through my magazines. I love this time to relax before the week begins. 
3. Create files for anything I want to save – recipes go on a bulletin board next to the recipes books until I can file them and everything else goes into my paperwork organizer.


4. Corral magazines into logical locations – Reader’s Digest I read before bed so it is on my night stand. All other magazines I read on the couch so they are in the living room. 
5. Consider Magazine Storage – Nope! I don’t want to store them. Just read and recycle! 🙂

I didn’t do anything for this week’s challenge but I still wanted to explain what I do! 


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