OH: Week Twelve (Part 2)

I have truly completed this challenge so here is an update to 52 Weeks to an Organized Home: Organize Files in Your Home

Annoying blue crate that stuck out in a room filled with browns. 

Two REALLY full crates. One half filled with our paperwork and teacher files and another crate dedicated solely to teacher goodies (lesson plans, craft ideas, resources, articles, etc.) On the right is a desk organizer that I have been using to put papers that needed to be added to my teacher files (typically ideas pulled from magazines)

Steps I Completed For This Challenge:
1. Bring all the paperwork together.
2. Sort through every file, every pieces of paper. If I kept the paper it went back into the file but then I had a recycle pile and a shred pile. 
3. Erased old file titles from the old folders and put them away for future use. 
4. Flip-flopped the files that were in the two crates. Blue crate files now in the brown crate. 
5. Put all the newly acquired papers into the appropriate files. 
6. Put everything back! 

It may not look like a big difference but my recycle bin is half full and I recycled a paper bag filled with shredded documents. There is room to navigate the files, before they were in there pretty tight. 

I put the brown file crate in the office and the blue one in the closet. The blue file folder is a bit obnoxious but it looks better than it did! 

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