Easy Easter Baskets

This year I made my first Easter baskets! I made two types but unfortunately didn’t take too many pictures of the process! But here are two fun ideas for only a few dollars each! 

Target Basket
I bought these baskets in the dollar section at Target. 
At the same time I bought an eight pack of foam eggs (including 4 glittery ones!), also in the dollar section.

Using paint I already had I added a big A and E on each basket for their names and painted some flowers on the sides. 
I also shredded pink and white paper to add to the bottom of the baskets.
Then added in the eggs! 

My little friends love stickers so I bought a pack on clearance for a few dollars, wrote an Easter message in a plastic egg that I already had and added a chocolate butterfly (bought in a five pack at World Market)

Each Easter basket only cost about $3 and took about two hours (with drying time in between paint coats) to construct. 

Paper Baskets
This was an experiment. I had no template but just drew out a design. There are templates you could find on goggle to make this project easier! I folded the template in various directions making sure the template was as even as possible. I folded down flaps on two of the sides. 

It doesn’t matter if your template is messy, it is only a template! Mine was all cut up and held together with tape!

I then traced the template on three different pieces of paper. Then taped the basket together using double sided sticky tape.
I then added a strip of paper for the handle with the scraps. 
I also added a little name tag with the scraps and tied it on with colorful ribbon!
My favorite part was filling the basket!!

Each basket had some green shredded paper in the bottom.

The finished baskets!
My dad got Twizzlers and snickers.
My mom got a notepad, thank you cards and chocolate butterflies.
Ben got Kool-Aide, Pringles and Snickers.

I forgot to share what I got from Ben! He blew our $4 Easter budget.. by quite a bit and surprised me with..
NEW TOMS!! It was an Easter/thanks for working so hard gift! I love them!! 
Ben looked for a HUGE Easter egg to stick them in but couldn’t find one so in true Ben style he gave them to me a few days before Easter instead! 🙂

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