Spring Break

My Spring Break was FABULOUS!

To break it down…
Friday – leave at 5:30am, stop to get bagels then drive to Menominee, surprise cousins and pick them up from school, chill with family
Saturday – family time, wedding in Wisconsin
Sunday – family time then trip back home
Monday-Wednesday – hung out with Lauren and the girls, worked on super secret projects, cleaned the house
Wednesday – dinner with pals, Jordan and Lindsey, got tattoo, parents came to town
Thursday – visited Lauren and the girls and took them to the park, lots of hanging out, Ben’s parents came over and we made both sets of parents dinner
Friday – Justin came, bought a new truck, made the Pinterest recipe Salsa Chicken again and hung out
Saturday – Boye/Walk lunch, 3 in 1 surprise birthday party for my dad, brother and Tia’s dad, more family time
Sunday – parents left, Justin left, Easter service, Raena’s birthday party, major crash time when Ben and I sat around for hours…. 

There it is!! SUPER BUSY BUT WONDERFUL! Spent it with everyone we love dearly! Now here is the fun part.. pictures!

Overall, I did not take too many pictures. But I was too busy enjoying every second away from work and with my family to grab the camera! 🙂


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