Brief Date Night Jar Tutorial

The Date Night Jar I made in a previous post was quite simple and honestly I contemplated putting up this tutorial at all. But here it is! 

I looked at a few different places to get an idea that I liked. 

I liked this one because you could decide the price range for the date night. 

This was another fun one because you could use the couples wedding colors to decorate the jar. 

I choose to do a date night jar similar to the second one but still used the first one as inspiration. I grabbed a Mason jar from our kitchen (they are everywhere!)
Cut strips of colorful paper and added date ideas. I also googled “cheap date night ideas” and got some inspiration from there. Some date ideas included Iron Chef Challenge, geocaching, indoor picnic, lay under the stars and I also wrote, “Ben cooks” and “Carrie cooks” as a date night option! 
Then make a cover for the lid to explain the jars contents. Tape it on top!
Fold the strips of paper and toss them in the jar!
 I also made an instruction manual to better explain the Date Night jar. I encouraged the couple to pick one, two or three ideas if they so choose and to also include other couples on their date nights. Making this date night jar gave me some ideas and I am anxious to have some date nights with my hubby!

I also put this together.
Bought the frame and got the pictures from this flicker site.
Have fun!

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