I Do!

I love weddings! I love seeing the bride’s hard work come together. I get emotional watching the bride walking down the aisle to her groom. I enjoy meeting their family and friends and partying the night away with them. I love the colors, food, dresses, dessert, and sounds of the day. This past Saturday was a special day. My dear friend got married and Ben and I were there to watch the union of two terrific people! 

Before their wedding day I got crafty.

Date Night Jar
A mason jar filled with ideas for a date night.

Some goodies for date night. 

Everything was individually wrapped with an explanation included. 
Inside was candy, popcorn, cookie dough mix, and candles. 

I also got the images online and made this picture frame for the couple. 
Easy, fun, and unique gifts!

And of course a wedding post would not be complete without a few pictures from the big day. 

Ben and I before the wedding. 
(I was laughing.. whoops)

The head table

Each table was labeled with a place and an explanation about the importance of the location. 

The BEAUTIFUL bride and a few elementary education pals. 


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