OH: Week Eleven

Organize Your Home: Week 11
Create a Personal Tax Organizer System and Organize Receipts

I joined this challenge hoping it would help me work through some areas of the house I normally have ignored. And for the most part this challenge has been helpful. At the same time my need to organize and clean everything in my home have resulted in some of these challenges already being complete. In those situations I try to take the organizing one step further but in this challenge I was at a loss. My paperwork is organized and was tested when we did our taxes this year. Ben did them with his dad at his parents home. He called me frequently asking me to look up information and I found everything quickly!

But for anyone who has been following along I will add the steps that should be taking for anyone wanting to complete this challenge. 

1. Understand the Broad Categories of Receipts so You Can Organize Them More Easily
    * minor purchases
    * major purchases
    * ones that will back up deductibles 
2. Make a Habit of Dealing with Receipts and Tax Documents Weekly
3. Create a Filing System for Minor Receipts (ours just sit in our mail basket until they are put into our budget and filed if necessary)
4. Create a Home Filing System for Tax Documents that May be Used In Later Years 
5. Create a System to Purge Documents Periodically

Again, not an exciting post, especially with no pictures, but it is what it is! 


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