Apartment Tour (FINALLY!)

So it has been almost 9 months to the date that we moved in.. I feel that we are finally calling our apartment home! 
I haven’t unpacked a box in months but I feel like we have finally settled in enough to put up pictures! So here goes!
Click here to see the before. And here to see what the apartment looked like after a day of unpacking. It is funny to see the difference from those first pictures to now! If you want to compare our current place to our last place click here
Here we go – our place is no where near finished but this is a great start! 

Living Room
View from the door. 

Closer view of the left of the couch. 

Closer view of the other side of the couch. 

Our front window (and one of Ben’s projects)

The door to the left leads to the stairwell the one on the right leads to..

Our storage room 

Moving from the living room into the dining room. 
This room has lots of fun items on the wall, most were gifts.

We have some big plans for this room! 

I love the flowers! We are moving to the season where flowers are constantly on our table!

Turning around to view the kitchen. 
We still love our little window that connects the two rooms. 

We never get sick of all this counter space and cabinets!

Our guests love our letter magnets! (especially our littlest guests)

I love all our big windows! 

Displaying some new additions – drying rack and hanging rack above the sink from IKEA and a mixer from Ben’s birthday.

One last glance of our kitchen including our trash, recycling and potato bucket.

Taking a step out of the kitchen back into the dining room and taking a sharp turn. 
Hallway leading to the rest of the apartment. 

Ben put our wedding initials above our towels.

Riley hangs out in our bathroom. 

Now back into the hallway and taking a left into our bedroom. 
To the right is the office. 

Our bedroom  – we eventually want to redo this whole room! Someday.. 

Wedding memorabilia fills this room! 
Our tiny little dresser (belonged to Ben’s father as a child)

Heading out!

Now the office – the last room!
Where I spend most of my day – working at my desk (Ben made it!)

To the left! 

Bookshelf and more wedding goodies. 
(All the binders on the bottom is for work.. and more on the desk!)

A closer look at the top of the bookshelf. 

My desk! 

Thanks for “visiting” our humble home! 

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