Valentine’s Day

So a little secret, Ben and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead it is an expectation to do little things for each other throughout the year!

Instead of doing something special for each other on one specific day we do something special for each other ALL THE TIME! 

This can be little things… cleaning up after the other person, surprising each other with dinner, buying each other chocolate, and leaving little love notes around the house.. and let’s not forget about our penguin who still can be found in various places around the house. 

This year was a special year. When you spend time with two young girls it is hard to not get a little excited for Valentine’s. We were lucky to spend a morning with Addison and Erin a few days before Valentine’s.

Together we made a few Valentine’s Day decorations to put up at their house to surprise their Mom and Dad. 

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day was our day to create!

Then with some help from Ca (me!) the decorations were put up in time to surprise their parents for Valentine’s Day. Ben and I babysat so their parents (Lauren and Eric) could spend some quality time together! 

We made heart garland.

And a special project making a heart with their handprints. 

The girls colored the hearts! 

Ben and his Valentine, Erin.

Me and my Valentine, Addison!

Our special Valentine treat, chocolate bread with chocolate chunks and cherries! Mmmmm!

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