OH: Week Five and Six

We’ve had a few busy weeks including a weekend that was so busy it didn’t even feel like a weekend! 
The last two challenges to 52 Weeks to a More Organized Home were simple for our family. Yes, we could have made them more of a challenge but for where we are at in our lives, what we did is appropriate. 

Organize Your Home: Week 5
Create A Home Recycling Center
The main challenge here was to research your city’s recycling policies and begin recycling in your home. Since we already recycle we just took things a step up.

Using a paperbag for our recycling.
After: (warning the change is drastic!)
WHOA! Look at the difference once $5 purchase can do! 

But really there is more than meets the eye.
Steps I completed for this challenge:
1. Clear out area.
2. Clean floors and wall (Ben likes to throw food in the general direction of the trash and sometimes uses the wall as a backboard!)
3. Empty all containers.
4.Wash out containers, inside and out.
5. Put everything back.
6. Replace the paperbag with a more durable container. 
Optional: Now if I had a Cricut or Silhouette I would cut vinyl to make these awesome decals from Picnik

The green bucket used to be our compost bucket but it now holds the potatoes from our garden. 

Organize Your Home: Week 6
Organize Your Coupons

This was an easy one for us. I just went through our coupons and got rid of the expired ones or ones I knew we would use. I only keep a few but do look online occasionally if we are going to a specialty store (some place other than Meijer). So nothing changed here. 

I clip out coupons and stick them on a clip on our fridge. Ta-Da! 

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