OH: Week Three

Organize Your Home: Week 3

Fridge and Freezer

So I did not do too great with the before pictures again this week (I keep forgetting!) but here is a picture from when I did remember a few days after the challenge started.

It won’t look too different from the after picture mostly because I believe our fridge/freezer is already pretty organized but just needed to be cleaned. This was taken at the end of the week so our fridge was really empty! 

Steps I completed in this weeks challenge:
1. Go through each shelf and drawer one at a time and first get rid of anything old, check expiration dates. 
2. Wash the area, pull out drawers, use a vacuum, do whatever you have to do to get every nook! 
3. Put everything back in, organized into like areas. 
4. Don’t forget the outside, scrub that down, throw away old coupons, sort through art work and put away keepsakes. 

I went through our coupons, put the artwork from the kids at my schools into our keepsakes and organized the magnets. I placed kid friendly magnets on the bottom and others on top. (Best friend’s kids like the letter magnets so we like to keep them at their level!)

Like I said, it doesn’t look that different. Got rid of some old items in the door, in the cheese drawer and really cleaned the bottom drawers. We used to put the garden vegetables in there and there was dirt and random other goodies collecting at the bottom. I had to pull out the vacuum to help me out. 

Our freezer just needed a tiny bit of love. Wiped things down and reorganized a bit. Our freezer door has the tomatoes from our garden and the rhubarb we grew. Oh and of course some coffee! 

Here is a labeled look at the organizational aspect of our fridge and freezer. 
The tomatoes, green beans, strawberries were grown and picked by us! The pesto was made almost entirely with ingredients we grew (garlic, basil) or that were local. Cudighi is our favorite sausage from the UP, Vension from brother and Uncle Jake. Whiskey needed for Ben’s bread pudding and whiskey sauce! Mm! The cool whip containers is vegetable broth Ben made with leftover veggies. 

The fridge not too exciting, but keeping it real here. 🙂 Yes, our fridge really is this empty most of the time. . . 

And that is our fridge/freezer make-over. Not that most exciting but there it is! 

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