Connecting with Kinect

For Christmas my parents surprised us with a fun new toy, X-Box Kinect. It attaches to our X-Box and then using a little “webcam” type device to capture your movements. How you move changes how your character on the game moves and with this cool technology you can play interactive video games. We have one game as of right now but on this game there is fun games like an obstacle course, rafting, a game called rally ball and a few more. We often have people over and it is the perfect way to laugh, have fun and be silly with our friends and family. 

Here is a glimpse at all the fun we’ve had with all the friends/family that we’ve played with! 

Tia and Justin

Stevie and Justin

Dad and Mom (really intense playing happening here!)

Ben and Mikayla

Myself and Gramma Kathy

NMU Friends, Kelly and Kurt

High School friends, Lindsey and Jordan

This is the go to game we play! Ben and I are looking at getting a work out game and another fun group game to add to our collection! SO MUCH FUN!

Want to play? Come visit! 


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