52 Weeks to a More Organized Home

I mentioned in the last post I am participating in 52 Weeks to a More Organized Home. I’d like to invite you to go on the journey with me! 🙂

I will post each week about the area that I am focusing on and put up pictures to prove I accomplished them! This will help keep me accountable.

If you are interested in doing it yourself check out this website. You can join the challenge there as well. You will get a weekly e-mail describing the area you will work in.

I am on Week 2, organize pantry, spices and food storage areas. I kept forgetting to take pictures. 

Here is the before picture of our main food area in the kitchen (I already showed our pantry yesterday). Ben just went shopping so this was a good time to go through everything before putting in more items. Everything was just kind of shoved in. There was more food than space and half the time our bread, fruit and veggies took over the kitchen counters. 

The steps I took (with some assistance from Ben)…
1. Took everything off of each shelf, one at a time. 
2. Got rid of anything expired, we did not use or we have not eaten in a LONG time. 
3. Cleaned the shelves. 
4. Put the remaining goodies back on the shelves grouping them as much as possible. 

We were left with this. 

Here is a glimpse of how everything is organized. 

I also went through our spices with a similar process.
1. Emptied and cleaned the shelf.
2. Threw out anything expired or that we have not used in six months.
3. Put it back on the shelf grouped into herbs, baking, etc. and by sizes. 

I will get back to you next week with more organizational fun!

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