Jumping into 2012

The first few weeks of 2012 have been CRAZY! 
In hopes of keeping this blog going again.. I am going to cram everything into this post so I can get caught up!! 

We started the year like we start every year by writing all the bad things we want to leave behind in the past year on a piece of paper. We then burn the paper as to start the year fresh! This year our friends Lance and Lance joined us. 

We said goodbye to our Cavalier.. it was a bittersweet moment. So many memories were made in this car but we are excited to welcome a new car into our family. 
Meet Esmeralda, affectionately called Escape (say it like Dory from Nemo, Es-Cap-E!)
Justin and Tia visited and surprised Ben by bringing a Nerf gun. Justin moved the couch so he could dive out of our storage room and unto the couch. This is an action shot.. haha
Ben quickly found his Nerf gun and attacked Justin!
This continued for quite some time… 
Then a week later I threw a surprise birthday party for Tia and Ben while my parents were in town. Tia had an Angry Birds theme and Ben had an X-Box theme with a focus on his favorite game, Skyrim. 
Here is the main decorations. 
Justin and Tia bought Ben a new Nerf gun. This one shoots twenty rounds off in a few seconds and runs on a battery. Justin surprised Ben when he came home (again from the storage room)! 
We had a fun evening with family celebrating Tia and Ben. We played Kinnect, had an all out battle with hundreds of Nerf darts and a collection of five guns, ate homemade pizza and cake and ended the night with a sleep over at our place. 
The next morning Ben made breakfast while we all got ready for the day. Then while we were all getting ready Ben played with the angry bird faces I made. 

After our sleepover we went to Kalamazoo to spend the day together at Justin and Tia’s. We went to an arcade/bowling/laser tag place. We played on two lanes, boys vs girls. 
 The ladies! (Tia is a strike and I am a spare!)
After a wonderful weekend with my family I spent Sunday preparing for the week. This is a common site at our home during the week. My work takes over my life sometimes… This pile is much smaller now! 🙂
I am taking part in a home organization challenge called 52 Weeks to a More Organized Home. I am on week 2. Week 1 was cleaning off the kitchen counters and reorganizing them. Week 2 is to clean and organize the pantry, spice cabinet and food storage areas. I took pictures but for some reason they are gone.. I’ll show you progress as I make it through the weeks. Here is our pantry now clean and organized. 

This week ended quite tragically. We got a phone call from our friend Lauren on Thursday around 2pm. Her home got broken into while her family was gone. They busted down the door, took all their electronics (TV, X-Box, computer, etc.), took some other random belongings (blankets, shredder) and trashed areas of their home while they were ransacking the place. Ben and I went and picked up their two little girls and they spent the evening with Be-en and Ca. 

Then Ben and I brought the girls home for bed and helped out at the house. Ben and Eric put in a new door and Lauren and I began the long process of cleaning up after the robbers. They redecorated their kitchen/office area so we tackled that project first. 

Friday I rearranged my work schedule and took an early day. I spent the majority of the afternoon and evening there helping out Lauren along with her sister Meghan. Ben came after work and watched the girls so we could keep working. Praising God everyone is safe and praying for comfort for Lauren. 

That brings us to today! (Told you we’ve been busy!)

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