Special Delivery for Luna Lovegood

I came home from babysitting one evening and my neighbors were out on the porch including one of their dads. My male roommate looks at me and says, “You’ve got a package today, Luna Lovegood.” It took me a few minutes to figure out why he called me Luna Lovegood, only certain family members call me that and he knows my name. Then I realized why he did that… it was the package I was waiting for!!!

My Aunty Jodi and cousins Andrew and Kaitlyn went to Potterfest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They sat through Hogwarts classes, met teachers and students, got sorted and did all sort of cool Harry Potter stuff. I was bummed I was not able to make it but they brought Potterfest to me! 

Here are the super cool goodies I got from Potterfest. Thanks Aunty Jodi!! I love everything!

Wizarding Map
A map and schedule of the day’s activities. 

My very own wand.
I took my wand to the final movie.. haha

All my goodies!

Wizarding Map (again) and a signed photograph of Gilderoy Lockhart. 

I love Hungarian Horntail pin (I wore that to the movie too), Bertie Botts Every Flavored Jelly Beans, my wand, and a chocolate frog, that got melted a bit! But still delicious! 

A few spell books and a crossword puzzle.

Such a fun package and it totally made my week!

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