Wedding Presents

I had a ton of fun gathering up gifts to give to Alyssa (and Bill too!).

The Bachelorette Gift will not be shown… but it was a fun game, Blow Pops and other “soon-to-be-married” goodies that your mind can probably come up with!

For the Bridal Shower I choose a Decorate Your Kitchen theme.

With the gift came, two yellow place mats and two green napkins. 

A frame that I spray painted to match the rest of the gift and created a wordle using kitchen terms. I added a border around the words. To find out more about wordles click here

I created a cookbook for Alyssa (again with the same color scheme). I included recipes that I have received or found. I added little phrases at the top of each page and included tips and variations of the recipes. 

For their wedding gift we choose a Date Night theme. Bill and Alyssa are not going on their honeymoon until October so we wanted to give them a mini-honeymoon for one evening. We added the fixings for spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies. Added a candle and movie! 

I made instructions for the Date Night!


In addition to the gifts and making the mini-cheese cakes for Alyssa’s bridal shower, I made thank you cards in her wedding colors. 

I had so much fun planning and preparing all the gifts! 

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