It has been almost one month since Bill and Alyssa got married!

The days leading up to their wedding were filled with wedding festivities. I don’t have many pictures from their big day but I do from the days before.

The weekend truly started on Thursday. The sisters (Eryn, Raena and I) threw a bachelorette party for Alyssa at Applebee’s before we all headed to Alyssa’s Bridal Shower!

The decoration I made for the table. 

The car packed and read to go!

The beautiful sisters ready for the crazy weekend!

The beautiful bride getting geared up for her big night!

Alyssa opened up LOTS of gifts (not many internet appropriate…)

Then we played fun games that Eryn led. 
For this one we had to tie objects in knots.. in our mouths!
Twizzlers, cherry stems and unwrap starbursts. 

 Raena giggled.. alot! šŸ™‚

Alyssa’s gift from the sisters. 

Another gift from the sisters… this one a joke gift from the Salvation Army! haha

Then we headed off to the Bridal Shower at Aunty Ju’s house.
Lydia made a beautiful sign to welcome guests. 

Leis were given to the Bride and Bridal Party.

The bride’s chair!

Lydia helped to decorate!

The beautiful cake Aunty Ju made. It looks very similar to Alyssa’s dress!

The hostesses!

The mini cheesecakes I made for the shower. Strawberry and white chocolate are Alyssa’s favorite!

Here comes the bride!

We played a wedding version of pictionary. 

The game was so much fun and everyone was laughing so much!

Aunt Esther had some of the best interpretations!

Alyssa with her beautiful cake!

The delicious food!! And decor matching Alyssa’s wedding colors!

Lydia made a new friend with Alyssa’s friend’s little girl. 

Look at all the gifts Alyssa got! So blessed!

Then came the day BEFORE the wedding.
Raena and I got to church super early to help Mom get the flowers ready.

Super stoked!

Raena and I made the bottom portion of the centerpiece.

All the flowers!!

The church morning before the wedding.

Getting there!

The wreath in memory of the grandparents who passed away. 


Working so hard!

Bill even got in on the flower action!

We had an assembly line!

Bill, Alyssa and Bill’s sister, Jaz

Aunt Addi and Lydia

The boys entertained themselves!

Favorite picture of the groomsmen!
My buddy Ian is really paying attention!

Apparently I am not good at paying attention either! haha

Me and Ian!

Jet’s Pizza was eaten at the rehearsal dinner! Their Jet bread was delicious!

The groomsmen!

Uncle Lionel, Aunt Bev and Eryn catching up. They came from Texas!

I have a few pictures from the wedding.
We started off the day by getting our hair done!
Beautiful bride!

Beautiful Maid of Honor

Beautiful sisters, Bill’s sisters

Beautiful Raena

Raena fixing up Eryn’s hair before the ceremony.

And there ends my wedding pictures… except for these last few
The wedding favors that Raena and I made!

The centerpieces!

Dad and his friend, well he tried to make friends.

We snuck out during the reception to decorate the bride and groom’s car.

A funny picture to end a crazy weekend!
To see more pictures from the actual wedding check out the photos I am tagged on Facebook. 

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