Project: Garden Art to Little Girl’s Chair

Ben’s parents were cleaning out the garage and put this on the side of the road to get rid of. It was meant to go in Ben’s mom’s garden but she decided it was in too bad of shape to use.

I stared at the chair for a few hours trying to think of a reason to snag it. Ben came home and was SO EXCITED to see it on the road. He grabbed it and told me of his great plans to change it into a chair for Addison’s 2nd birthday. 

Here is the chair when we got it, minus a few spiders webs we got off before the picture was taken. (Your welcome!)

The paint was very uneven and chipping terribly.
The seat was stained, broken and a chip in the corner. The seat was made from terrible wood, not fit for a little girl. 

Here is a look from the top. You can see the terrible shape the seat was in. 

Ben threw the seat chair away and began master plans to create a new one. 

Before Ben could spray paint the chair a fun color fit for a energetic girl he had to sand the chair.
Ben sanded the chair then sanded it using finer sand paper to really even out the chair. 

Here is what the chair looked like after Ben and I tag-teamed sanding.
It was not perfect, but it was close!

Ben made a new seat and sanded that down well too so little fingers didn’t get a splinter.

Then life got busy, we moved, Ben started working 12 hours a day, Alyssa’s wedding preparations kept us extra busy and we did not work on the chair for a few weeks.

Days before Addison’s birthday Ben took the chair out and painted it a color as bright as Addie’s personality!
Sunshine yellow!!!! 
Look at how beautiful it looks now!
 Then Ben asked his assistant (ME!) to help him with the more detailed oriented part of his project.
Ben wanted an A on the back of the chair in white trimmed in pink.
He choose this font, something with straight lines and childlike.

Here is the closeup.
Not my best work… but Ben decided the morning of her party he wanted to add it.
From a distance, it looks great!

Here is the final shot of the chair! 

What an improvement and so fun for a growing girl!

Uncle Ben was so proud of his project and I was so excited to share his project with all of you!

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