Quick Update

My little blogcation will continue for a bit longer…

I have SO many fun recipes and projects to share with you in addition to some posts about the other things we have been up to but for now here is a quick update.

My parents came to visit this week! We didn’t do much of anything and it was perfect! It was truly a time to catch up a bit and relax. We did visit the farm, DeRuischers and Hanninks along with some special stops to get cold treats (blizzards, shakes, etc). 

Tonight Ben’s second cousin, Lindsay, is coming into town and then we are all spending the weekend together at the cottage (and part of the week). I have not seen Lindsay in a year and a half so I am SO excited!

I got a job! I’m not too sure on all the details yet but I will be working with children; either a before and after school program or teaching Kindergarten in the afternoon in Wyoming, MI with the same organization. Time well tell where I will end up. I am still looking for somewhere to work during the weekends and I have an interview today. Wish me luck!

Ben is looking for another job and has some prospectives. His farm job will be done soon so he is getting a jump start on looking for something else. Ben is also volunteering at a farm at the Blandford Nature Center. He keeps very busy! 

Well that is a quick update! I”ll work on blog posts this week! Stay tuned! 🙂


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