Our First Weekend Guests

Ben’s family came back from California on Wednesday evening. We spent the first night in our apartment that Wednesday, July 20th. Then came the HOTTEST week of the summer!! It was incredibly miserable and very little unpacking occured. Instead Ben and I spent many evenings sleeping, and slept for about 12 hours a night for a few days… it was just TOO hot to do ANYTHING!

Then Friday came around and the weather got a little cooler, which was perfect timing for our first guests..


The sign that welcomed them to our apartment!

Ben and I came up with a menu a few days before and I created a MENU for Casa de Hannink for Tia and Justin and refer to throughout the weekend. This stuck on the fridge and they got a kick out of it. 

The Menu

I was texting my brother while we were at IKEA and he told us to buy him something. He didn’t think we would take him seriously but we did! We bought two flexible cutting boards for Justin’s fish and the chips him and Tia make. Tia got a bamboo and vase for our apartment!

A trip to visit us is not complete without a trip to Ben’s farm!
Everyone peering into the creamery, where all the milk is transferred right after milking. 

Ben teaching Justin and Tia about the cow milking process. 
Justin looks very interested!

Ben tricked Justin into eating a grape that was not quite ripe yet.
Justin said it was SUPER hard but still tasted yummy!

Meet Hillary!
She is my favorite farm cat and apparently also alpha cat.
Hillary hangs out with me when I visit, especially when I am weeding. 

Checking out the garden.

The cows get taken to another chunk of land each day but a few of the soon-to-be-mommies stuck around the farm because they can’t keep up with the rest of the herd anymore.
It was my first time seeing these cows up close.
I felt terrible for these “ready to pop” moms because the flies were bugging them really bad!

Justin and Ben hung out in the pig pen. The pigs loved Justin and kept following him.
Justin must have smelled quite yummy….

“Here Piggy Piggy!”
“oink oink oink”

The Pig Whisperer

It was quite toasty at the farm so we came back to the apartment for a cool treat.
Ben and I love to make popsicles in the summer with whatever we have around.
This time we made popsicles the easy way – with pink lemonade kool-aid!

After cooling down a bit, we went for a walk to Downtown to visit a few fun places and for dinner.
We visited the Calder, a popular place to visit. Read about it here.

Ben enjoying the sights!

Justin…. was feeling quite toasty…

And Ben does what Ben does when he gets near something he can climb…

And Justin did the same!

It was beautiful out when we started walking and got INCREDIBLY hot as the evening wore on. We took some extra time to cool down and had a mini-photo shoot!

In true Ben and Justin style

Such handsome men!

And of course beautiful women! 🙂

Prom pose!

Ben pinched my butt… haha

True Love.
This photo and the next few define Justin and Tia’s relationship!

Now that is a nice one!
Prom pose!

We had a fun day!

Then we visited the BIG TIRE SWING right behind the calder.
I put down my camera so we could have some fun on the swing.
The boys pushed us FAST and REALLY high! So fun!

Then we walked to a local restaurant, Big O’s. They have some local and organic ingredients so we wanted to check it out. Ben delivers bread there every week!
We got a super tasty pizza and cheese filled breadsticks.
But before our food came Justin, Ben and Tia tried the green hot sauce. (You can see a bit of it in the bottom right corner)
Ben and Justin freaked out at the taste and Tia didn’t! 
This photo is Justin after having a second taste!

On Sunday we went to church and came home for lunch.
We hung out here for a bit and separated a bit.
Tia and I hung out upstairs and the boys did a super secret project.

But more on that later…

It was so nice getting to spend some time with Justin and Tia and we look forward to Tia moving down for college in one month. She goes to a college 45 minutes away and we are expecting to see her lots! 


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