Moving/Unpacking – Day 2

Ben worked Saturday. I spent the morning working on applications and hanging out with Ben’s family dog. We left him alone too much the day before so I made sure to hang out and play with him. 

Then after lunch I headed over to our apartment to tackle the mess that hid inside. 

I started in the kitchen because I knew I wanted to finish that first. It would take the longest amount of time and involved quite a bit of organization. 

That didn’t last long..

My ADD tendencies kicked in and I wandered to the bathroom where I made some progress.

I even worked a bit in the living room, well at least cleared off the couch! 

Ben got home from work around 3:30pm and we decided to take a trip to Detroit (well Canton, MI) to go to IKEA. Ben and I LOVE IKEA! It is a home furnishings store that offers modern, good quality and fairly cheap items. We left around 5:30pm after stopping to visit the dog and getting some dinner. 

We drove almost three hours to IKEA, spent two hours shopping, stopped at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone, drove three hours back to GR, brought up all our goodies to our apartment then went back to Ben’s parent’s where we did dishes and cleaned up… we didn’t go to bed til around 1am!

It was a crazy but fun day!

At IKEA we got..

* bed frame
* mattress
* wooden slats (plays the role of a the box spring mattress)
* entertainment center
* two storage boxes for the entertainment center
* two bamboo plants (one was a gift)
* vase for the bamboo plant (a gift)
* two flexible cutting boards (a gift)
* two rugs

And maybe something else I forgot…. but those are the big things!

For the last year we have had the typical newlywed apartment filled with hand me downs. We still have that but now we finally have some new furniture and that makes this apartment really feel like ours! 

Find out tomorrow about the tragedy that struck at our new home…  

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