This Week!

This past week has been a fun one, busy like usual, but fun!

In between preparing for the big move, working on applications for both teaching positions and other positions, and the normal every day activities, I have found time to really enjoy life!

This week started off great.

Raena and I spent some time on Sunday playing with one of my toys from Christmas, a RipStick! 

It is like a skateboard but it twists and turns and your feet stay on the board the entire time. You move your hips and legs in a way that the board moves forward!

We learned a lot during this fun experience…

Lesson 1: Get super excited and show your excitement by giving the thumbs up sign!

 Lesson 2: Get the proper footwear. We tried wearing our TOMS but they slid right off so we switched into our sneakers. (We happen to having matching footwear!)

Lesson 3: It is okay to FAIL! (Plus they make for some really funny pictures!)

Lesson 4: Get serious, show the road and RipStick who is boss! 

Lesson 5: Keep practicing! 

We had so much fun!

Then as Monday rolled around the days got pretty rocky. I had a few “bad” days where things just didn’t go my way. Everything took longer than I had planned, the weather was terrible, and things kept breaking when I needed them (printer, scanner, computer….). 

As the week continued things got better! 

The computer was fixed (thanks google for helping me find out how to fix it!)!
We acquired a *new* printer thanks to friends who didn’t need it anymore. They saved us $100!
We got the news that we were moving into our apartment!
I had an interview that went really well, not a teaching job but it is still working with kids!

And my best memory of the week included these little girls..

Getting ready to go on a walk with Uncle Ben

This is Addison!
Addie made me smile big time this week when she called me by my name for the first time, “Ca” or “CaCa”.
She also made Ben’s day the same day by calling him “Ben!”

This is Addison’s sister, Erin!
Erin made my week by meeting a milestone, crawling!
It is so fun to watch her crawl to me to get some hugs and kisses! 

Thanks girls and Raena for making my week so fun! ❤

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