Fourth of July

Our first 4th of July in Grand Rapids was a fun one!

We spent the weekend with family and friends and got some work done too.

I’m still getting back into taking pictures. I didn’t take too many pictures in South Dakota so I find myself forgetting my camera occasionally. But I did remember to take pictures a couple times during the fun weekend!

Here we go!

Sunday evening we went to Holland to visit Grandpa and Grandma Bosch. We surprised Grandma and brought dinner. It was nice catching up with that side of the family and celebrating the holiday in our own way.

Monday morning we had breakfast with the Hannink side of the family. This is done for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. It is a fun way to reconnect with everyone throughout the summer.

Ben had worked on the 4th (his choice) but he made it home in time to join the family for fireworks. 

Ben and I waiting for the rest of the family so we could head to our fireworks spot.
(This is my new favorite picture of us!)

Ben wasn’t feeling too well so while the rest of us went for a walk Ben and Casey held down the fort. 

Mom, Dad, Raena and I went for a walk by Reeds Lake. 
It was beautiful! 

Mom and Dad headed back by the boys and Raena and I continued our walk.

After our walk we headed back to the rest of the family.
Then we munched on some treats Mom brought.
Ben’s favorite was the Pretzel M&Ms, mine of course was Reese’s!

Proof Raena and I are sisters! haha
This picture was not planned.. we both made the same face!


On Tuesday Ben and I went to Lydia’s baseball game. 
We hung out with Josiah and Jeremiah and got to see Coach Aunty Ju in action!
Go Lydia Go!
She did really well and made two runs!

The boys relaxing after enjoying their root beer floats from the concession booth.

Aunty Ju pumping up the team!

Us and Lydia!

And as for moving….
The bathroom floor is being fixed this week and the plan is to move in this weekend! *fingers crossed*

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