Being Patient….

I feel that I am a very patient person…
in saying that… here is our latest apartment news… and ladies and gentleman, it is not the news we were expecting.

We knew that there was a problem with the bathroom floor and the floor would be fixed by a professional.

We knew the man fixing the floor would be checking on it today.

We knew it would take some time.

What we DIDN’T KNOW until tonight is…

He won’t be able to fix the floor until NEXT week instead of THIS week!

I am a patient person but I am getting extremely antsy. I REALLY wanted to move this week because Ben’s family will be leaving for California on Wednesday and will be gone for a week. Ben and I will be spending the week at his parents to house-sit and dog-sit. I was hoping to be all settled into our new place before we spent a week away.

Our friends Lauren and Eric have offered to help in whatever way they can but this whole moving thing is going to be a little more complicated than I thought. Looks like I’ll have to start weight lifting soon so I have the muscles to move all our belongings up the long flight of stairs to our apartment while Ben slaves away at the farm.

Wish us luck! 

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